Classic Eyelash Extension
A Classic set is best for someone who has a lot of natural lashes but wants the look of mascara plus length and a defined curl . Unlimited extensions means that an extension is applied to every healthy lash possible.
$180 Set - 2 hr
 Hybrid Eyelash Extension
A Hybrid set is a combination of Classic Lash Extensions and Volume Lash Extensions. The Volume technique is when more than one lash extension is applied to one natural lash. 2-3 false lashes will be applied to a natural lash. Volume lashes are thinner and lighter than lashes used for Classic extensions so that they do not weigh down the natural lash.
$230 Set - 2 hr 30 min
Volume Eyelash Extension

This look can be customizable from wispy to dramatic. 2-6 lash extensions are applied to each lash. Retention is better than classic or hybrid lashes because the lashes wrap around the natural lash and create a stronger bond. Lashes are full from fill to fill! This option is great for women who want to skip the eyeliner!

$280 Set - 3 hr



MEGA Volume Eyelash Extension

This is for women who want to wear the lightest and thinnest lashes on the market. Touch ups for this service is faster than each of the other options. The end result is very customizable from light and feathery to full and dramatic.  If you're a woman with fewer than average natural lashes or shorter, more delicate lashes, these lashes are the most likely to give you a full look. Up to 15 very thin false lashes may be applied to a natural lash. These lashes can produce the most dramatic look. Retention is the best with these lashes because they are 0.03mm in diameter so they wrap and bond very well with the natural lash. 

$350 Set - 3 hr 30 min